Double deaths and double music are bugs due the lack of flexibility of the Scratch engine, I tried to solve them but was impossible.

This game is a draft and isn't finished, it was made for a Game Jam in 2016, please read all the features included below.


  • Move :Arrow keys
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Switch the eeveelution: Drag the items (in the top) to the eevee. (To switch in eevee again, click in the red cross [in the top])
  • Physical attack: Z key (read disponibility below)
  • Special attack: X key
  • Superspecial attack: C key (read disponibility below)

Only can attack:

  • Physical attack:
    • (No one)
  • Special attack:
    • Eevee: Swift
    • Vaporeon: Bubble beam
    • Jolteon: Thunderbolt
    • Flareon: Flamethrower (the fireball is chargeable, can charge it 3 times keeping press the X key)
    • Espeon: Psywave (goes to the mouse position)
    • Umbreon: Dark pulse (can change the beam direction with the arrow keys)
    • Leafeon: Razor leaf
    • Glaceon: Snow powder (you can climb on the ice block)
    • Sylveon: Moonblast
  • Superspecial attack:
    • (No one)

Levels programmed:

  • Eevee stage (Normal grassland)
  • Jolteon stage (Power station)
  • Flareon stage (Magma trench)


  • Sprites by: Kurpitsarte
  • Characters by: Ken Sugimori
  • Music by: Masato Nakamura

This game won the first prize in the programming category of Andalucía Fantec 2016

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsᛗ🦊ᛟErvoᛟ🦊ᛗ, Kurpitsarte
Tagseevee, pokemon, scratch


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My all time favorite pokemon is EEVEE and all its evolutions,especialy you can evolve EEVEE by evolution stones {they have their own special power 'maybe speed,super jump etc'}, I'm very happy and glad that I found a wonderful game for EEVEE^^ 

I really like the turning back animation but the camera is poorly handled unfortunately.

That is a Scratch limitation, it’s not even a camera, it’s a canvas and the elements schroll around it

pls so much bug


Cute drawing!Good Music!

But It's a little rough in level design and the control.

I like it but yep, very glitchy and some bugs, other then that, I like it


Thank you! X3 And yes, that’s the problem of Scratch xD

Lol Scratch Do be Making no sense half the time though.


Yes, you need to be very creative to make complex things